Business segments

1- Distribution: We do professionally

2- Duty Free: We handle some duty free business.

3- Retail: Our retail chain is our baby. It was just established in 2009, and since then, we are having a total of 20 stores. Our plan is to expand every year by 2. But sometimes, we exceed this number whenever we’ve an opportunity. In 2015, we opened 4 news stores.


Our team covers the whole country.

Our main office is in Giza taking care of the whole Great Cairo area.

We have a full setup in Alexandria taking care of Alexandria which is the second biggest city in Egypt.

We have a regional office in Mansoura covering the Delta area (Norther part to Cairo)

We have a regional office in Menia taking care of Upper Egypt.

We have a regional office in Ismaelia taking care of Suez canal area

Distribution channels

Our products can be found in many distribution channels, it depend of course on the nature of each brand and product. We sell to:



Department stores







Selective fragrances: We never supply wholesalers. We believe that they are the fastest way to destroy a brand. They never care about the image of the brand, so we never go for them. Specially if you know that we have our excellent distribution network across the country that allows us reach every customer.

Mass brands:¬†Respectful wholesalers are supplied and there’s no problem with this.

Our great team

Our most valuable asset is our employees. We have about 275 awesome persons, 90% of them are BAs. Wherever we have our goods, there is a BA behind it.


Our passion for what we do transfers into our services

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